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"Hard To Find By Collectors" ~ The Rarer Nutmeg Graters

This Gallery Highlights Nutmeg Graters That May Be Difficult For Collectors To Locate:

The Hard To Find Picture Gallery features nutmeg graters that were "unsuccessful" inventions, had limited production, or did not sell well.  These examples vary from Hard To Find; to Rare; to Scarce.  Nutmeg grater collectors have vigorously sought these rare beauties.  Being highly and competitively hunted for decades, most of these nutmeg graters are already collected.  Usually, these pass from one major collection, directly into another major collection. 

During the last decade, we note that prices for Hard To Find nutmeg graters range from as low as $250.00 to the high of $40,320.00 [...A Rare Silver Nutmeg Grater, Peter Bentzon, St. Croix and Philadelphia, circa 1810-20; Sotheby's NYC ].  We also have observed that when the top paying collectors all acquire an example, prices significantly fall off for similar remaining examples [...the simple rule of supply and demand ].  An excellent example regarding fluctuating pricing, is the combination tool ~ Improved Dredge-Box, Cake-Cutter and Nutmeg-Lemon Graters ~ located below and in the upper right corner; once escalated to a selling price of $3000.00, in more recent years the prices have lowered; in 2012, an auction asking price of  $400.00 resulted without selling. 

Many of these nutmeg graters leave limited historical footprints.  In some instances, attempts at local, on-site genealogical research availed nothing and scant historic information is all that remains.  With most of these Hard To Find mechanical nutmeg graters, trade names are usually absent and may never have existed. Therefore, this page presents nutmeg graters using their Circa production or patent date.

With limited availability, we have long learned as advanced collectors to appreciate these examples when we see them in the collections of others.  Still, there is always the hope to locate that new, special novelty or mechanical nutmeg grater ourselves.

Seeking To Locate Any Original Advertising Images. 

Few of these items were advertised in trade catalogs, or in national publications of their time.  Should our readers notice advertisements within local period publications, we greatly seek to hear about them.  Keep us in mind!  We would gladly like to include advertising with our future Featured Stories pertaining to these examples. 

rare or hard to find nutmeg graters Primitive Nutmeg Grater Hilliard & Thomason Pear Hilliard & Thomason Pear Hilliard & Thomason Pear Gorham Silver nutmeg Grater 1896 Wassail Bowl with Nutmeg Grater Gorham Table Nutmeg grater 1875 The Little Domestic Combination Tool silver urn nutmeg grater O.F.H California Passadena  Pottery Mixing Spoon Nutmeg Grater Owen & Kelly Nutmeg Grater Coquilla Nut Tower Table Nutmeg Grater Boss Nutmeg Grater Common Sense Nutmeg Grater by Albert Platt Prest Nutmeg Grater J. Neal Uriot Seeking Information Please! Seeking Information Please!

More images will continually be posted within future editions ~ stay tuned!