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Graden of Health 1497 by Montagnana

{N}Ux muscata ~ 1497 ~ Montagnana ~ Ortus Sanitatis, ...

SOURCE: Ortus Sanitatis, De herbis Et Plantis, De Animalibus et Reprilibus, De Anibus Et Volatilibus, De Pisribus Et Natatilibus, De Lapidibus Et Interrevenis Natreti, De Urinis Et Earumspeciebus, Labula Medicinalis Tum Directorio Generaliper Omnes transtatus.
[TRANSLATION: The Dawn of Health; From herbs and plants to the animals and reptiles, of the animals and the birds and the fishes, from the bones and intravenous nature and urine of these species, medical knowledge at this time, the directory of all general interpretation.]
ALSO SECONDARY TITLE SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Hortus Sanitatis, Vel Tractatus De Herbis Et Plantis, De Animalibus Omnibus Et De Lapidibus: Tractatus De Urinis Ac Earum Speciebus...
[TRANSLATION: A Garden of Health, or Treatise On Herbs and Plants, All Of The Animals, And Of The Stones, Treatise On The Urine Of These Species And.]
AUTHOR: Attributed to Bartolomeo Montagnana.
PUBLISHER: It appears to be published in Madrid by Johannes Pruess.
SCOPE AND PURPOSE OF PUBLICATION: This section is a medical treatise on the use of herbs and plants.
PRINT METHOD: Wood Block (or, woodcuts) printing.
PAPER TYPE: Handmade antique laid paper.

HISTORY: This volume focuses on medical uses of herbs and plants. This monumental work is credited to Bartolomeo Montagnana (1450–1523) Montagnana worked as an artist, and an engraver. The series is believed to be published in Madrid by Johannes Pruess, in 1497. The text pertaining to nutmeg is divided into two brief sections. Under the first section, "Capitulum.cceiiii" ~ {N}Ux Muscata (translates to nutmeg) provides derivational knowledge of the spice, which is traced back in time through India. Within the second section "Operationes," nutmeg is described useful to "do good and improve smell" and in the "reduction of flatulence, the aide to digest food, to settle the stomach, and cleanse the liver."

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